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We stock a large inventory of bicycle parts and accessories. Thule bike racks & boxes, child trailers, Adams trail-a-bikes, and soooo much more!

For the body

Gloves, helmets, jerseys, shorts, socks, biking shoes, sunglasses, apres-velo hats, hydration packs

For the bike

Lubes, cleaners, tools, pumps, bags, ergonomic saddles, grips, racks, pedals, pegs, tubes, tires, tire liners, bar ends, stands

For the car

Thule & Allen-A quality rack systems. Rear strap-mount style racks for up to four bikes, receiver and ball hitch racks for up to five bikes, spare tire racks, as well as Thule roof racks and boxes & truck bed fork mounts

The first essential thing you need to ride a bike is well, obviously a bike. What makes it fun, personal and enjoyable? Accessories of course! We’ve got everything you need. Our shop has three dedicated walls and five glass cases full of bike accessories, not to mention all of what’s in the back. Below is a simple list of recommended accessories to get started with different types of riding. With over 20 years of serving the local bike community, our staff will help you get ready for any type of ride!

Type Of BikeEssentialRecommended
MountainHelmet, Waterbottle, Gloves, Folding Tool Set
Bike Mounted Bags, Car Rack, Pump, Hydration Pack
Sport Comfort and HybridHelmet, Waterbottles, Gloves, Folding Tool Set, Kickstand
Bike Mounted Bags, Car Rack, Pump, Child Carrier
RoadHelmet, Waterbottles, Gloves, Folding Tool Set
Bike Mounted Bags, Car Rack, Pump, Hydration Pack
BMX RaceFull Face Helmet, Gloves, Pads for the Bike
Pads for Body
BMX Dirt Jump/ParkBMX-style Helmet, Pads for Body, Gloves

There are three basic types of car racks for bikes. Each type is explained below with pictures.

Rear mount strap racks – Quick and easy!

This is the most common type of rack. Sedans, wagons, vans, and SUVs can use these racks interchangeably as they are easily adjustable. These are as inexpensive as $59 and as much as $140. A rack like this holds up to 4 bikes. We carry Thule & Allen-A for these types. We recommend these racks to people who don’t have a reciever hitch on their car. Yes there is a large difference between racks going for fifty and one hundred and fifty bucks. A basic $50 rack holds the bike on your car. Strating around $90, you get a rack that will better protect the paint on your car, has more secure mounting straps for longer trips and special mounts that help prevent the bikes on the rack from swinging or getting scratched. Go for a better rack, it will last years. The spare tire mounted racks also fit into this category.

Receiver Rack – Many SUV’s come with a reciever hitch

Another type of common car rack is the receiver and ball hitch racks. These are becoming more popular due to the increase in standard receiver hitches on cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. Prices range from $149 to $499. Unlike the strap style racks, receiver hitch racks keep the entire unit off the paint of your car or SUV. Thule makes a rack that does both bikes and skis or snowboards. A majority of these racks easily fold down for access to a trunk or back door.

Roof Racks – Frequent use with extreme expandability

You’ve all seen them on the highway. These racks are meant for the most use. It is a serious investment to get a roof rack but they are infinitely expandable. Need to carry a bike, a pair of skis, two snowboards, and a surfboard? No problem. Thule makes a wide variety of attachments and accessories. For maximum security, roof racks are your best bet. With these, you can lock the rack to the car and the bike or skis or whatever you have to the rack. This is all fine and well but what is the price for this peace of mind? Figure about $200 for the main load bars and feet, then add about $90 per bike attachment. They are specific to each car and fit kits need to be ordered for each rack. After that initial rack, you can expand with a lot of options. If you have an existing factory-installed rack on your car, very often we may be able to mount bikes to your current system. This will save you some money but for the greatest strength, durability, and ease, go for a complete setup.

If you have any questions or just want to know more on roof racks, feel free to call us.

You can also check out the informative Thule website by clicking their logo on the right.

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